Photo Gallery

  1. beta-sheet standing on its feet
  2. You've got a problem, man?
  3. Is Ala chiral?
  4. Ribosome assembly line
  5. The elements
  6. Right or left handed?
  7. Yes, I got it!
  8. Two ribosomal subunits
  9. In Pauling's footsteps...
  10. Now, what do we do?
  11. It's a helix!
  12. Oh, Christmas helix!
  13. Yet another helix...
  14. Perfect alignment (of helices, not students)
  15. The Osaka Team (presenting at the XXI IUCr Congress)
  16. The Osaka Team 1 (presenting at the XXI IUCr Congress)
  17. End of support (table) - can't grow any more (antiparallel beta-sheet)
  18. I'm after you - beta-sheet
  19. In the eye of the alpha-helix
  20. A disgusting alpha-helix?
  21. Victory! (Almost)
  22. Busy, busy, busy...
  23. A good alpha-helix makes Sarah proud and Phan Duy happy!
  24. Or both happy!
  25. Cesare Mikhail is worried and Raj skeptical as the tutor stretches things (beta-chain) a bit too far...
  26. Li and Liao: how is CORN in Chinese?
  27. Building, building... What? A beta-sheet, of course!
  28. You better stand, or else!
  29. A growing beta-sheet (antiparallel)
  30. I'd like to know who made this helix
  31. Marta's alpha-helix
  32. Through the eye of an alpha-helix
  33. Down the alpha-helical axis
  34. The Dawn of a Leucine-Zipper
  35. Watching the beta-sheet grow...
  36. The Three Graces at work
  37. Two (somewhat short) alpha-helices
  38. That's an alpha-heeeeeeeeelix
  39. Final touches
  40. Deep down the alpha-helix
  41. Gentlemen, on your knees!
  42. On your knees and forehead to the ground!
  43. Groundwork
  44. Delivery of the elements
  45. May I touch it?
  46. Smiling faces - proof of success
  47. Zipping a leucine zipper
  48. Leucine zipper
  49. Left-handed coiled coil
  50. Hmmm... Is it possible?
  51. Chon and his helix
  52. Aiming at the beta-sheet (antiparallel)
  53. A polypeptide chain, but it was supposed to have beta-conformation...
  54. Emerging beta-sheet
  55. How many chains does it take to make a beta-sheet?
  56. Here! No, there!
  57. A beta-sheet standing on its feer
  58. Verily, the beta-sheet is pleated indeed
  59. A looong N-------H
  60. Ribosome with many subunits, assembling 8 peptides per 90 min!
  61. Polypeptide assembly line
  62. Even a short peptide brings joy!
  63. It was supposed to be an alpha-helix...
  64. A towering alpha-helix
  65. Why is she so happy...?
  66. All in a circle
  67. Helix charmer
  68. Why is this helix not straight?
  69. Head or tail?
  70. That's a long helix!
  71. Alpha-helix
  72. With the power of my will...
  73. A rising helix
  74. Now, which way does it go?
  75. OK, that's a helix
  76. All smile!
  77. Good luck!

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Last update: June 18, 2015