3rd HEC Meeting


The meeting will be held in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences.


Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry
Polish Academy of Sciences
Noskowskiego 12/14
61-704 Poznan
tel. +48 61 852-85-03


Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej PAN
ul. Noskowskiego 12/14


If you come by train:

- You have arrived at the Poznan Main railroad station (Poznan Glowny)
- You can get to the Institute by taxi, 5 min ride, about 10 zl ($1=4.4 zl):

The Institute building is located within a walking distance from the railway station (15 min):

... exit the main station building and walk along the only street from there, heading north
... walk for about 400 m, use the left sidewalk
... you are arriving at a big intersection with a circle
... go undrground (look for the circle, not just a pedestrian underground crossing)
... walk north (right branch) and get out on the next normal exit (not just a tram stop)
... above the ground, continue walking north, along the rail track which is on your right, below
... walk for 400 m, turn right on an old-fashioned tram bridge
... just past the bridge, there are (hidden) stairs leading downstairs to a park
... go to the park and continue on a footpath for 200 m (the path is unlit during the night)
... exiting from the park, you are facing one of the villas belonging to the Institute
... continue on the small street in the same general direction for 50 m
... there is a big gate on the right with the Institute's name on the wall
... use a push-button phone to talk to the janitor if the gate is closed

The route is explained on a map here.

Driving directions

Click to see a MAP showing the location of the Institute

Coming from the West (Berlin)
- You are on the West-East international A2 highway, heading east.
- Still on A2, you are entering Poznan city limits.
- After about 2 km take the right exit marked "Centrum".
- You are still on a divided highway which now looks more like a street (Dabrowskiego street).
- Continue on it without taking any turns.
- After 3 km - again right exit (but NOT turn) marked "Centrum"
- Traffic lights on the exit - go straight.
- After the lights the divided highway becomes a normal two-lane street.
- On the left, there is the fence of the Botanical Garden.
- 500 m after the previous lights there are lights again, near a tram/bus terminal; go straight.
- The tram track is now joining your direction.
- Follow it for about 500 m to the next traffic lights.
- Cross the intersection.
- After 200 m traffic lights again - cross.
- After 500 m traffic lights again - cross.
- You are driving on cobblestone pavement. On the right, there is a big vegetable market.
- Drive about 1 km to a big intersection with traffic lights.
(- there is no left turn here, so you need a small maneuver to be able to go to the left at step *)
- You have to turn right.
- Take the left lane; after 300 m you will be on a big circle on which you have to turn back (180 deg).
- After the circle, drive 300 m to the previous intersection with lights; cross it. (*)
- Pass one traffic light controlling tram's entry and continue to an intersection with "normal" lights.
- Turn right.
- Immediately after the turn there are lights for pedestrain crossing.
- 20 m after that there is a small street.
- Turn right on it.
- You are on Noskowskiego street, the address of the Institute.
- After 100 m, on the left, there is a big gate and a nice building - that's it: Noskowskiego 12/14.

(In case you are lost, there is another (main) entrance to the Institute. The address is Wieniawskiego 17/19. It is on the opposite end of Noskowskiego street.)

Additional information:

City map 1

City map 2

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