Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center hosted thirteen employees from embassies of different countries in Germany last weekend. Diplomats from Albania, Romania, China, Greece, Serbia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Poland arrived in Poznań in the program of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Visitors were presented the activity of PSNC, as one of the key features of Wielkopolska region.
During the meeting in PSNC headquarter activities of the centre was presented by the diresctor of Super Computing Department - Dr. Norbert Meyer and the director of Network Services Department - Dr. Cezary Mazurek. - This meeting is an unusual opportunity. By showing representatives of individual countries what we do and with whom we work, we have a chance to gain new partners - admitted Dr. Mazurek.

The diplomats arrived in Poznań in the program of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Diplomatic College. During the meetings organised in different German lands
every few weeks, participants learn the secrets of the functioning of the German politics, administration and economy, and travel to the home countries of the program participants.

The diplomats were invited
by Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Poznań as a vibrant center of Polish scientific, business and cultural center, capable of its potential and location, also in its relations with Germany. - Poznań is connected with scientific institutions from around the world. It's impressive. To me personally the most interesting PSNC's projects are telemedicine and electronic government. It is very important for today's municipalities to be close to their residents - the Director of the Diplomatic College - Ambassador Hans Peter Schiff said after the meeting.

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center was presented to foreign visitors as one of the key features in Wielkopolska region, in addition to regional symbols such as the Poznań International Fair, Kompania Piwowarska brewery and Solaris Bus & Coach factory.
Kinga Jurga