More than five hundred million users are using Facebook. This is a record, placing service in the first place among the social networking sites. For this big group joined the newly Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, officially announced the barrier crossing 500 million users. The service already uses more people than the entire population is the European Union. Only China and India have a larger population. "This is an important step for all of you who helped spread Facebook into all the world" - added Zuckerberg. Since February of this year came to 100 million people.

On this occasion the service has prepared a new Application Facebook Stories. It serves to show the world how Facebook has changed the life, proved to be something useful, which had an impact on everyday life. Anyone can tell the 420 signs on the site Facebook in their lives. All the stories are divided in terms of subject matter and location of the author.

Facebook founder stressed in his podcast that the figures are important, but not most mpmortant and do not want them to focus on. More important is the fact that how the social network influenced the lives of individual users.

The dynamically growing number of registered users, Facebook is also good news in terms of finances. It means it is true, the necessity of constant investment in infrastructure capable of efficiently handle such a crowd of visitors. For advertisers it is an even more attractive place to put their marketing messages.

Although Facebook does not share information about individual users, with full statistics on the origin, age, residence, or interest. For companies such data are invaluable. The finance service but few know - anything that gets into the public speculation and leaks. According to a recent Facebook this year must obtain a revenue of 1.1 billion dollars.


Agnieszka Musialska