The most popular Polish instant messenger Gadu-Gadu is 10 years old. GG currently boasts of more than 10 million loyal community. On the occasion of the anniversary   a special web service was launched.
Yellow-red GG sun appeared exactly on 15th August 2000 - one of the first Polish instant messengers. On the 10th anniversary of GG, it can boast more than 10 million community and a growing network of Internet services.

The communicator won the hearts of millions of Internet users, and is today one of the most popular Internet chat programs. Currently, Gadu-Gadu is not just a communicator, but also a social networking site, cellular and VoIP calls.

With the increase in the number of users increases the number of messages sent each day by the messenger. Since the beginning of GG until today, it has increased from 3 to 300 million messages sent per day. In 2006 the WebGadu was formed, which enables the connection through a web interface.

GG messenger is used by over 10 million people per month. GG number is administered as a standard way to interact on an equal footing with e-mail address and phone number. And thanks to new technology, GG number now consists also a telephone number (network GaduAIR).
Agnieszka Musialska