Projekt SYNAT

On 27th September in Warsaw took place a meeting initiating project SYNAT, which started 16th August 2010. The goal of this project, funded by the National Center for Research and Development, is to carry out a research task under the title "The creation of a universal, open, repository and communication hosting platform for network knowledge resources for science, education and open society of knowledge", which is implemented within the Program of Strategic Research, "Interdisciplinary interactive scientific and technical information system ".

The coordinator of the project is the University of Warsaw – ICM, and the Pozna˝ Supercomputing and Networking Center is one of the main Partners implementing its four stages:

•    Research in the federal scientific and technical information service models
•    Prototype of the Intergated System services
•    Prototype of the long-term archiving of large volumes of data

•    Research related to the source data services


The above-mentioned work will be performed by the Digital Libraries Team (PSNC Network Services Department ) and the Team for analysis and integration of large scale data (PSNC Application Department). The manager of the research task undertaken by the PSNC is Ph.D. Cezary Mazurek.

More information about the project will soon be available on the website:

Agnieszka Musialska