Laptops instead of notebooks on school desks? This is not another concept of science fiction film director, but everyday life in gymnasium No. 56 in Poznań. Since September the school has the first in Poznań, and the third in the country, e-class.
On a history lesson students can see the reconstruction of the battle, the virtual skeleton on Biology, and the slides from different continents on Geography lesson. It's all thanks to modern database: multimedia room, classes equipped with interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors, flat screen TVs. Each classroom also has Internet connection and a computer for the teacher. The school is not completely abandoned of the traditional notebooks and textbooks, however. - They are not used as much as before -  says Sławomir Eliks, the principal of the school.

An e-learning platform has been running in Poznań gymnasium for a couple of years and it’s ideal for these conditions. This way the students can perform certain tasks or to communicate with teachers not only at school, but also at home. This is the way homework is done for example. Tasks can be downloaded to student’s computer, fulfilled and then returned to the teacher.

There has been also a TECHNET with ECDL class for a certain time in the school. It is addressed to those students who have shown great interest in computer science and modern technologies. During three years of studing students acquire skills of operating the Linux system, creating websites,  developing My SQL databases, PHP language and computer graphics. Students gain the ECDL Certificate.

Principal Eliks has already announced that there are attempts to start another e-class in his school next year.

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Agnieszka Musialska