The formation of mechanisms of EU projects related to the ICT industry was a leading topic of the "European Consortia 2011-2012 - development of clustering in Wielkopolska" Conference which was held in Poznań. The conference was organized jointly by the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center and Wielkopolska ICT Cluster.

The plenary session of the conference was opened by practitioners from Germany, France and Slovakia and closed by Polish speakers from the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, National Contact Point and ITTI and Verax Systems. This part of the conference was especially attractive because of the participants, who were EU projects successful teams. They met with many questions of potential applicants, among them not only representatives of ICT companies and clusters, but also representatives of banks, food networks, health, or local government units.

The second part of the conference had a working character of the workshop, divided into three thematic groups:
 "E-health for the elderly", where Dr. Cezary Mazurek from PSNC sought agreement for a European platform for the ICT environment and Wielkopolska doctors and local governments.

"SaaS for cluster members" (Software as a Service), which ignored the issue of funding and focused on finding the optimal model for cooperation between ICT companies and their customers.

 "Implementation of speech recognition", during which Professor Grażyna Demenko presented opportunities that ICT provides for electronics companies to identify and understand the Polish language.
In the lobby of the conference venue, in addition to the classic exchange of business cards, thirty previously scheduled individual meetings were held.

After the official part of the conference, the participants moved to Fantasy Park entertainment center to the sportsmanship of bowling tracks, to exchange experiences from the meetings.

Photo gallery by Wojciech Bohdanowicz.

Agnieszka Wylegała

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