Public-private partnership in the ICT industry was the theme of the Second ICT Wielkopolska Conference which was held on October 28 in Poznań. Participants of the meeting discussed both the opportunities and obstacles associated with this form of cooperation of ICT business and the public sector the region.
This year's theme of the ICT Wielkopolska Conference was not accidental. Last year a revised law on public-private partnership was introduced, that allows public bodies more effective cooperation with private companies. As conference participants emphasized, in the ICT field the possibility of such cooperation is still not fully utilized.

The meeting in Poznań was to allow representatives of public entities to provide ICT entrepreneurs needs of these institutions in the field of ICT and also to encourage the latter to cooperate with the public sector. The opportunity  has been used by the authorities of the city of Poznań. Presentation made by a representative of the Poznań City Hall met with a considerable interest from entrepreneurs.

During the Conference also the following topics were discussed: the cooperation within PPP in Poznań, as well as the financing of ICT projects in the coming years and the projects of Polish ICT clusters. As it turns out, the Wielkopolska ICT Cluster comes off very well compared to the organization of its kind in Poland and Europe.

Sessions closing lecture was given by Dr. Maciej Stroiński - the Technical Director of Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center.  Director of PSNC outlined, that it is crucial for the development of the ICT industry to also improve the "public-public" partnership, in the cooperation of government and scientific and research institutions.

The conference was ended by the expert panel discussion.
Kinga Jurga

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