A unique opportunity to find the answer to this question will have members of specialized workshop in the StartUp-IT project. Later this year, several authors of the applications will have their applications verified to check whether their security is threatened.
Free penetration audit of selected applications will be made by Pozna˝ Supercomputing and Networking Center Security Team, followed by individual workshop during the authors will recognize the potential risks to their applications and tips on how to address these threats. Tests will focus on the detection of the most popular classes of web application vulnerabilities. Also the mechanisms for user authentication will be examined.

PSNC Security Team will select up to 4 of the submitted applications which will be discussed during the workshop. When selecting an application such criteria will be taken into consideration: the sensitivity of data processed by the application (e.g. personal data, payment information, scientific data), technological innovation and functional solution, the size of the analyzed application (too large applications can not be analyzed on a reasonable level of detail). The workshop can be attended by StartUp-IT project participants at the age of 18 - 30 years, students and graduates in particular.

More details on the workshop are included in the Regulations Statut available at: On this page you must also submit applications until 18 November 2010.
Kinga Jurga