One of the main aims of the ACCESS IT project is to support digitisation of cultural heritage and development of digital libraries in small memory institutions in three target countries covered by this project. In the second half of October these countries held a series of conferences.
The current form of ACCESS IT e-learning courses was presented:
•    15th of October, Serbia, Belgrade, conference organized by Belgrade City Library,
•    19th of October, Greece, Athens, conference organized by Veria Central Public Library,
•    24th of October, Turkey, Ankara, conference organized by Hacettepe University.

The agenda of these conferences reflected current needs of people/institutions who are involved in digitisation of cultural heritage in particular countries. Topics discussed during the conference covered not only the scope of the ACCESS IT project. One of the actively discussed subjects was the role and importance of Europeana. Other important topic were the needs of small and medium memory institutions in terms of creation of digital libraries.

During these conferences Adam Dudczak, member of the PSNC Digital Libraries Team, had a pleasure to present first complete version of ACCESS IT e-learning courses. Reference version of these courses is available under At the moment any interested person can register and go through the content of the following two courses:
•    “Digital repositories for small memory institutions“
•    “Cooperation with Europeana“

The content of both courses was consulted/reviewed by Polish and foreign experts in digitisation and digital libraries. These courses together are divided into 40 modules, which cover very broad set of concepts and practical advices associated to digitisation, metadata, digital libraries, aggregation and of course Europeana.

As already mentioned, courses deployed on PSNC server are a reference version. Each project partner prepared his own adapted version of the reference courses. In the nearest future this will be a base for certification programmes launched in target countries.

Both courses are available under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-alike license. If you are interested in using these materials, please contact us.

For more information, visit:
Adam Dudczak

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