This year the joint stand of Pozna˝ Supercomputing and Networking Center and PIONIER Consortium attracts attention due to the high media wall on which Polish scientists show the effects of joint ventures in their projects. The projections present movies in HD technology via a specially designated networks under the HPDMnet initiative.
During the exhibition visitors can also participate in an interactive demonstration of remote visualization of three-dimensional tomographic scans. Such models can be moved, rotated, and their position can be manipulated by four tactile consoles.

The use the power of GPUs to complex and demanding visualization computing can be viewed in the demonstration of fluid simulations. Special controller derived from the world of console games - Wii - allows the simulation of hitting the surface of the vessel with liquid, which in real time splatters and spills, simply behaves like a real, three-dimensional liquid, although it is only in the computer’s memory. Of course, you can control the density, color and other physical parameters of the liquid.

Polish stand at the Supercomputing Conference has its fifth edition, in addition to a range of solutions straight from the field of Future Internet (contactless interfaces for manipulating images, previously known only from the science-fiction films), PIONIER also presents here achievements of the PLATON project, especially infrastructure of archive service and campus calculations service, perfectly fitting into the nature of this world's largest producers, distributors and users of HPC industry (high performance computing) event.

Interest in the Polish experience of research on the audiovisual distribution of media in modern networks is large, especially that it is done in cooperation with approved research centers in Europe, Asia and the U.S. . Despite the fact that Polish science is not represented at the event as the potentate of many tera- and peta-FLOP computing solutions, it is considered a leader in eScience, which a few years ago was in the category of science fiction.
Damian Niemir

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