"E-Science as the key to development" is the topic of the second edition of i3 Conference: Internet - Infrastructures - Innovations, which started in Wroclaw. Within three days (1-3 December) over 90 presentations will be presented. The conference is organized by the PIONIER Consortium, PSNC, WCSS and Wroclaw University of Technology.
The conference was officially inaugurated by its host - Director of the Wroclaw Supercomputing and Networking Center – Professor Daniel Józef Bem. He greeted the participants and organizers, among whom were Chairman of the Organizing Committee - Professor Kazimierz Wiatr and Rector of the Wroclaw University of Technology - Professor Tadeusz Więckowski.

This year's meeting in the capital of Lower Silesia is a continuation of last year's  first edition of the conference organized by the PIONIER Consortium in Poznan. This time the participants meet in Wroclaw, hosted by Wroclaw Supercomputing and Networking Center and Wroclaw Technical University.

This year’s i3 is entitled:"E-Science as the key to development". The importance of the subject is confirmed by the number of participants and the number of scheduled speeches and lectures - a total of more than 90. It's about 30% more than last year. As a result of great interest, organizers had to change the final shape of the conference. Initially, the third day of meetings - friday, consisted a day of workshops and trainings. This year, number of applications was so large that it was decided that this day will be a continuation of the previous days of parallel sessions and finished with a closing conference plenary session.

Topics presented during the conference will focus mainly around the Future Internet. Two sessions will be devoted to this issue, as well as issues of eHealth and eEducation. The conference organizers wanted to broaden its subject matter beyond the scope of interest of IT professionals.  According to this, a session for a wider audience – “Social applications of the Internet” was prepared. The subjects of “Reliability and safety”, “New media” and “Service platforms” will surely be interesting for many of the participants. A separate session will explore the important Polish projects: PL-Grid, PRACE, POWIEW and PLATON.

The conference involves the delegation from the Czech Republic, whose members will present their own solutions to patient’s cards.

This year's i3 Conference is unique not only because of the record number of participants. Its second edition takes place in the year of 15th anniversary of the co-host of the conference - Wroclaw Supercomputing and Networking Center. I3 2010 is an excellent opportunity to celebrate and to summarize the achievements of this institution.
Agnieszka Musialska