4K Projector (SONY SRX T-105) with a passive polarization system enables transferring the high resolution signal in 3D and was already installed in the 4K Laboratory of Pozna˝ Supercomputing and Networking Center.
The new projector is another part of the high-resolution infrastructure which creates a 4K node in Pozna˝. The first 4K projector appeared in the Laboratory in 2009. PSNC’s new acquisition will enable further development of the research on multimedia networks and data-storage systems, such as: development of digital repositories for high resolution video material, network configuration, testing during 4K transmission and the use of new network protocols in order to ensure the best parameters of multimedia data transmission. The second projector of laboratory equipment enables sending a high resolution signal in 3D. Subsequent purchases of laboratory equipment are planned for the spring of next year.

Laboratory of 4K high-definition TV was founded in 2008. 4K node consists of devices that enable: recording movies in the 4K resolution (the RED ONE video camera) and HD (SONY PMW EX3 video cameras), the post-production of recorded material (the Mac Pro workstation for video processing), storing and back-up of  large amounts of  4K video data (Sun Fire x4540 servers), network streaming (network coder JPEG2000), the projection and presentation of movies in 4K resolution (Doremi DSV-J2 player, Sony SRX-T105 4K projector and Astro DM-3400 4K display).
Kinga Jurga