Two investments in construction of Polish Optical Internet PIONIER network - a nationwide broadband optical science network - were completed in December.
On December 17 the installation of a new DWDM optical transmission system of ADVA Optical Networking was finished, on PIONIER’s own fiber optic lines between: Pozna˝ - Lˇd╝, Bia│ystok - Warsaw - Radom - Pu│awy - Lublin and Warsaw - Radom - Kielce - Cracow. This system allows to run up to 80 optical signals on one pair of optical fibers.

On December 20 2010 a similar investment was completed between Rzeszˇw and Cracow. Running two optical channels with a throughput of 10 Gbit / s made it possible to close the transmission loop in the south-eastern Poland. Thus, in the entire Polish Optical Internet PIONIER network there are links with a capacity of at least 2 times 10 Gbit / s.
Agnieszka Musialska

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