18th and 19th January in Sxnas (Sweden) was held a seminar for the partners of leading sub-projects financed under Creator mini-programme. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Pozna Supercomputing and Networking Center.
Programme Creator implemented in the framework of the INTERREG IVC. It focus on maintaining/further enhancing the competitiveness of the regional economies and at ensuring the regions long-term social cohesion, mainly through exploring further the specific challenges resulting from a further aging of the regional populations and through pro-actively addressing distinct economic development opportunities that emerge from new needs of an increasingly ageing population.

One of the Creator’s participants is Wielkopolska Region represented by the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, which acts as a regional coordinator of the program. In the first call, the Steering Committee of the Creator program has approved funding of the 4 sub-projects. PSNC is the leader of Silhouette subproject.

The partnership has decided to establish a strategic co-operation approach at the highest level of intensity, being the same time well-focused and cross-cutting in nature.

The strategic focus of CREATOR is addressed at the two main levels of joint interaction, i.e. a continuous exchange of regional-level experiences / a joint in-depth work process on the project’s sub-objectives and the implementation of co-operative Sub Projects. As examples three sub-topics are defined in relation to every sub-objective.

CREATOR’s overall approach is innovative, as the project brings together European regions having accentuated differences with respect to their awareness about/capacities for addressing economic development opportunities emerging from new needs of a further aging society.

Also the expected co-operation results will be innovative in various respects, i.e. they
(1) help taking greater advantage of distinct economic development potentials geared towards meeting these new needs,
(2) to initiate new learning processes in areas that still have to built up endogenous potentials/capacities and
(3) to identify & transfer good practices helping to establish innovative/technology-intensive products & new service provision approaches in areas where this did not exist before.

To maintain the innovative character of CREATOR and its complementarity, contacts will be established with approved/future INTERREG projects addressing issues related to demographic change.

Agnieszka Musialska