In what direction should Poznań agglomeration develop, what may attract investors and whether the capital of Wielkopolska is a place for innovative projects. These and many other issues were discussed by the participants on the Fourth Economic Forum of the Poznań Agglomeration – representatives of local governments, researchers and entrepreneurs.
FGAP’s mission is to create a positive atmosphere to help develop economic cooperation and self-government as well as to promote the economic potential and increase the attractiveness of agglomeration for investors and residents within the framework of sustainable regional development.

This year’s, fourth, edition was held under the motto: “Invest in the best”. Traditionally, representatives of local government, scientists and entrepreneurs have been invited to discussion. Together, we wondered whether the city and nearby municipalities are attractive to investors. In one of the three panels “Innovative investments – opportunity and challenge for business, science and government” participated Director of PSNC and President of Wielkopolska ICT Cluster – Professor Jan Węglarz.

In his speech entitled “Poznan area of ICT innovation”, Professor Węglarz presented the essence of Wielkopolska ICT Cluster, which perfectly fits the idea of cooperation between entrepreneurs and the world of science. Cluster confers the ability to create research and development consortia and implement specific projects.

A probe carried out at the end of the discussion consisted an eloquent summary of the 4th FGAP. The question was: “Do businessmen, local government and scientists can work together in a more efficient way in order to generate more investments in the agglomeration?”. 87.5% of participants responded affirmatively.

Technical partner of the Economic Forum was PSNC. PSNC Team of Education and eLearning Systems conducted an on-line transmission from all the panels. The transmission was carried out using three cameras, the signal will be made available as a video streaming at two data rates: 2 Mbit /s (960x540 pixels) and 0.9 Mbit /s (640x360 pixels).
Agnieszka Wylegała

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