“Phisian’s job in times of intense technological development and universal access to information” – under this motto a conference for regional consultants in Wielkopolski Voivodeship Office was held. Specialists from across the region, representing various fields of medicine, came at the invitation of Deputy Voivode of Wielkopolska region – Przemysław Pacia. One of the speakers was Professor Witold Szyfter who actively cooperates with PSNC.
Head of the Department of Otolaryngology and Laryngological Oncology, University of Medical Sciences, Professor Witold Szyfter talked about modern technologies and, above all, about all the possibilities offered by the Internet in the "live" transmission in the course of complex surgical operations. Thanks to cooperation with PSNC, a camera during such a treatment follows every step of surgeons. Image and sound are transmitted through high-quality HD.

PSNC’s cooperation with the clinic in Poznan resulted in a dozen of "live" broadcasts straight from the operating rooms. One of the most important was the fifth of the global videoconferencing otolaryngological and neurological operations, organized by the LION foundation. The essence of the project was the simultaneous "live" transmission from the operating tables in various parts of the world. Interactive, because the receivers had contact with physicians and could ask them questions through the moderators.

PSNC has provided not only technical support in the form of audio and video conferencing HD devices, but also provided a dedicated link to broadband optical network PIONIER.
Agnieszka Wylegała

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