Have a look at pictures of the formal meeting of the Supervisory Board of the PIONIER Consortium, combined with a scientific session associated with the completion of construction of the PIONIER network investment. Consortium members met in Zakopane, May 13 and 14.
The construction of the PIONIER network lasted exactly 10 years and ended this year. During the jubilee meeting of the Supervisory Board in Zakopane, its members summarized the last decade of networking and discussed further investments in the PIONIER network in the future.

Scientific sessions which followed the meeting were devoted to research and educational projects developed in the framework of the PIONIER network. Implementation of the PLATON service platform was presented by the Technical Director of Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center - Dr. Maciej Stroiński,  the concept of 100NET network was introduced by Robert Pękal, also from PSNC. Artur Binczewski from PSNC told the participants about NEWMAN project. The speech of another PSNC representative - Marek Bazyly - focused on a daily exploitation of the PIONIER network.

The meeting in Zakopane was also attended by representatives of the government: the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration - min. Piotr Kołodziejczyk and Grzegorz Żbikowski - the Director of Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, who congratulated Consortium members the success in building the PIONIER network.

A meeting of representatives of the Consortium ended with a thanksgiving mass for the success of the PIONIER project in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima in Krzeptówki.

Photos by: Magdalena Madaj
Kinga Jurga

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