On 20th may 2011 Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center started cooperation with ITTI Ltd. from Poznan in the field of IT security. The consortium has been  created as a result of collaboration between entities from the commercial market, providing complex consulting services within the scope of IT security.
The combination of competence and experience, gained by the partners at slightly different levels of their activity, brings potential to achieve the synergy effect in respect of jointly implemented projects. A wide range of services offered by the consortium is open to commercial entities and public sector entities.

ITTI Ltd. is a company founded in 1996, currently employing about 70 people, since 2001 belongs to ITIC – International Telecom and IT Consultants Group. ITTI pursues, independent from the producers, advice on telecommunications and information technology and business aspects of both these areas. The company also carries out applied research on information technology and telecommunications, but also implements interdisciplinary projects. ITTI is a double winner of the “Crystal Brussels Prize” (in 2006 and 2010), in 2008 it was given the title of leader of entreprise in Wielkopolska, and a year later ITTI received the Polish IT Society Award for innovation (2009) and an Award of the Ministry of Defense for scientific activity in the field of defense technologies (2009).
Agnieszka Musialska