Especially for the Internet users sessions and talks with invited guests at speakers of the 5th Microsoft Innovation Center Conference will be broadcast on the Internet. Live broadcast from the Centre for Science of Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan will be provided by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.
This year's Conference of the Microsoft Innovation Center, as usual, will be streamed on the Internet. Brand new will be talks with speakers and invited guests, which will be carried out in the intervals between sessions in a special studio arranged at the Centre for Science of Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan. Speakers will include representatives of the following companies: Microsoft Poland, Talex, IT Solutions, K2, Integral Technologies and PSNC, as well as a special guest - Dr. Kenji Takeda of Microsoft Research.

Transmission will be realized with the use of services and infrastructure of Interactive Research HD Television in the PIONIER network, which implementation is currently under development of PSNC. Transfer and registration will be made in HD, using the producing car and ICT infrastructure deployed in the PIONIER network. Media playback will be possible through the use of  the Silverlight technology.

Broadcast begins on Thursday 16 June at 9.45 at the Poznan MIC website:

Detailed plan and more about this year's MIC Conference can be found here .
Kinga Jurga