Tests on a the new page have been in progress since February 2011, and almost 700 people has been working on it. Although the new version of the web site was available earlier, changes have permanently been introduced only a few days ago.

A new feature is e.g the map of Poznan, which is more accurate than the one available through Google. Thanks to the search feature, you will find the streets, and even a specific address that you are interested in. Once you find the place, the map offers the GPS location, zip code, or even the Roman Catholic parish of the object. In addition, the plan is integrated with the site and vice versa. After selecting, for example, the cinema, next to the description there is a link to the map. With such an application a driver can find a parking machine. Wojciech Pelc - branch manager of information services in the Poznan City Hall, informs that ZDM plans to create layers of information, where at the moment take place the reperations and how can you avoid it.


Another novelty, the only one in Poland, is to adapt the page for the visually impaired persons. In addition, the plan is to create a special portal for the disabled. We also know that the stops are expected to be accompanied by QR codes (a special type of bar code). If someone has the appropriate software in his cell phone, after taking a photo of this QR code, he is transferred directly to our website, where he will be able to see which trams leave from each stop.


The portal will also be more friendly to users who will benefit from using their mobile phones. The new version will also enable greater integration with social networking sites, and by modifying the look, you will be able to manage the content in a better way. Now, instead of three vertical columns, the page is divided into modules that can easily be combined with each other, adjusting the look of the site to your needs. Changes in the portal’s layout can be seen at

The the technical side of the project is assured by Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.

Agnieszka Musialska