On 12th and 13th October 2011 in Poznan will be held e-IRG workshop organised under the Polish Presidency of the European Union. The aim of the conference will be to discuss and exchange experiences on visions of development, finance and the use of IT infrastructure in science (e-Infrastructure) at European-level and in EU member states.
The achievements of European projects and national initiatives (including Polish initiatives) in the field of e-Infrastructure will also be presented. Established by the European Commission, the e-IRG (e-Infrastructure Reflection Group) has been operating since 2003. The aim of the group, which acts as an advisory think-tank for DG INFSO, is to create concepts and long-term plans for the development of IT infrastructure in science (e-Infrastructure) within Europe.

The group's main task is to specify a road map for development of infrastructure, gather user requirements and provide suggestions to the European Commission and EU member states. e-IRG forms working teams for particularly important topics, tasked with working out the current development condition of a given technology (e.g. network infrastructure, data infrastructure, supercomputing). The team regularly draws up documents in the form of reports, recommendations and white papers.

While holding the EU Presidency, a given country organises two e-IRG meeting, including a two-day conference. The conference and meeting are attended by delegates representing EU member states, experts in science and representative of the European Commission (Information Society and Media Directorate-General - DG INFSO), together with e-IRG project coordinators. The 2-day e-IRG conference is open and admission is free - all experts interested in development of the EU's IT infrastructure in science may take part. However, the one-day meeting is closed and only e-IRG delegates may attend.

The conference program is available here.
Agnieszka Musialska