How to understand the language of animals, can we live forever and when to bath your own computer – these and many other answers will be announced on one special night – Researchers’ Night, which will be held on 23th September 2011. Co-organizer of the event is, as every year, PSNC.
Traditionally, during the night, researchers will leave their daily duties, they will leave their offices and laboratories, to play together with the participants of the event. Everyone will be able to see that science is not boring, but quite the contrary - it is exciting and interesting. We'll see the scientists in unusual situations and audience in the role of scientists. Classes, workshops and competitions are provided to all participants, regardless of age. Everyone will find something for himself.

This year's edition will be unique in many respects. It will be an opportunity to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Marie Curie-Sklodowska.

This year, rich and extremely interesting list of proposed events for the participants of “Researchers' Night" is also offered by PSNC and Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Science. Demonstrations, workshops and competitions will be held on 23th September in the hall of the Science Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences - street Wieniawskiego 17/19 from 16.00 o’clock till midnight.

We invite, among other shows, to participate in the recording studio of PLATON television, getting to know the mystery of radiation or to participate in the "bomb" attractions.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the detailed program of events.
Agnieszka Musialska