On May 16 we invite to the Lecture Centre of Poznan University of Technology on medical-informatics workshop, "The needs of the patient and the available ICT tools." The seminar participants will have the opportunity, among others  to try the new, fashionable method of rapid prototyping - DESIGN THINKING.


15.00 "User contribution in building the product on the example of the TechLink2 author platform "
Camille Nawrocki - platform Sales Manager (the speaker)
Marta Bogusz-Czerniewicz - director of the hospital using the platform (support)
Michael Konklewski - owner of the platform (support)

15.25 Anna Czerwoniec - participant of the TOP 500 Innovators program. Brief characteristic of a method for rapid prototyping of Design Thinking and a storm drain demonstration.

16.00 lunch break

16.30 Krzysztof Kus - WPI promoter at the Medical University. He will explain the storage of patient’s  data in medical centers in Pozna˝ and practical aspects of sharing.

16.50 Michal Kosiedowski - telemedicine solutions designer,  Wielkopolska Centre for Telemedicine (WCT). project leader. He will present problems for which the WCT is a solution and a scenario of medical events, which the existing electronic systems do not solve.

17.10 Wojciech Nosowicz - family doctor. He will Identify gaps in communication between specialists and patients and between institutions of different recipients and the consequences of these deficiencies.

17.30 Martin Ch│odnicki - co-owner of Business Development Solutions.. I'll try to provoke the prototyping services to the patient using Service Design method, dividing it into stages, items, and the problems that it solves.


Knowledge gained during the seminar will be used as early as next Saturday at a workshop in ZOO coworking@poznan.

Adam Olszewski

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