This year's TERENA conference, held in Reykjavik, was not only an opportunity to present the latest achievements in research projects, but also to celebrate the 10th anniversary of eduroam service. The exact anniversary of the establishment of eduroam is  May 30.

eduroam service is a simple and secure roaming system addressed to scientific environment and higher education in Poland. Students and staff of institutions benefiting from the eduroam can get Internet access in all the institutions associated with eduroam (both in Poland and abroad). The ease of eduroam use is comparable to using a mobile phone - simply run the device within the eduroam network and after a while you are connected to the Internet. The essential characteristic of eduroam service is on the one hand, the protection of the user’s privacy and, on the other hand, user’s identification in the event that he has committed an offense, in particular information about the location where he currently resides.

The main objective of the project is the implementation and access to eduroam services for the scientific and academic communities. In addition to building the infrastructure, the project is also preparing an information base on the availability of services and knowledge base on how to use eduroam and the possibility of joining the service by another institution.

The project aims to implement and provide eduroam services in the PIONIER network. This service will provide the academic environment with Internet access in all the  eduroam locations in the world, with a single authorized account, providing access to the network at all sites as at the parent unit.

This year's TERENA conference was an opportunity to celebrate 10 years of eduroam service.

Have a look at a short video material about eduroam services. Among the representatives of European research networks, among others, spoke Tomasz Wolniewicz of Torun (TORMAN network).

Agnieszka Musialska