This year's National Youth Meeting in the fields of Lednica (June 2 2012) was fully broadcasted on the Internet. Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center has taken the challenge to broadcast this project. Thanks to the kindness and dedication of many people, the event was a great success.

In the joint consideration and prayers, traditionally tens of thousands of people from  Poland and from abroad  attended Lednica 2000. Those who won’t find the Lednica fish, will also be able to participate in the meeting. All this thanks to the Internet broadcast transmitted by Pozna˝ Supercomputing and Networking Center.

The main evening broadcast, which lasted about 16 hours was watched by more than 1.5 thousand Internet users. In sum, through the transfer through mobile links throughout the evening, more than 7 thousands of people participated in the meeting "virtually". The sum of transferred data during the transmission amounted to 3000 GB.

photo by Martin Procyk

Agnieszka Musialska