Conference4me application supports International Supercomputing Conference 2012 (ISC'2012) in Hamburg.

Once again,  Conference4me application appears at an international conference. This time the application developed in PSNC will support the International Supercomputing Conference, which will be held June 17-21 in Hamburg.

Conference4me, the assistant to the conference or exhibition participant, is an application designed for mobile devices, based on the latest technologies. It offers instant access to  current meeting agenda and other handouts, such as planning participation in various sessions, as well as tracking the currently ongoing session.

An important feature is the ability to create individual program of the conference by the user, according to his interests. The assistant reminds you of upcoming sessions, shows you the way to the appropriate conference rooms, or even indicates how to get around the city - host of the conference (the ability to select key locations, type of hotels, the place of the official dinner, conference location, etc). The application provides the following types of information: general information about the conference sessions, exhibitors, speakers, allowing easy access to information from different perspectives, links to other events.

For 5 days, from 17 to 21 June 2012, the application will support the 27th ISC conference 2012, to be held in Hamburg. It is the largest meeting of supercomputing engineering environment in Europe known for its world-class discussions among specialists from various fields of science and industry leaders. Polish IT and scientific environment is represented by PIONIER Consortium (Polish Optical Internet) and PSNC.


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