On the latest TOP500 rankings, published in Hamburg during the ongoing ACM / IEEE Supercomputing Conference (17-21.06.2012), there are five Polish supercomputers. Among them we can find  the leader: ZEUS Cluster from the Academic Computer Center AGH Cyfronet in Krakow.

TOP500 project was launched in 1993 to provide a reliable basis for tracking trends in hogh performance computer systems. The ranking of 500 most powerful computer systems in the world, is published during two scientific conferences in June at the ACM / IEEE Supercomputing Conference and in November at the International Supercomputing Conference. The list includes lots of information, including system specifications and key areas of its application.

This year,, the June rank’s leader is the Sequoia supercomputer from United States of America (DOE / NNSA / LLNL), deposing the Japanese Fujitsu supercomputer (RIKEN Institute for Advanced Computational Science (AICS). In  top ten, there are three machines from the USA, two from China and Germany, and one from Japan, Italy and France.

Among the best there were also supercomputers from Poland. Zeus  from AGH Cyfronet Academic Center in Krakow still "reigns" (one place down - from 88th to 89th). Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (Rackable C1103-G15, Opteron 6234 12C 2.40 GHz, Infiniband QDR), added more cores to its supercomputer and climbed from 298th of the 233rd place in the ranking. Galera Plus - Supercomputer from University of Technology in Gdansk (CI TASK) took 447th place (down from 279), and Boreas of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modeling in Warsaw, ranked at the 462nd position (formerly 296th) In addition to scientific computing clusters on the TOP500 list, we can find Allegro Group Cluster Platform which took 398th place (formerly 298th position).
The 39th TOP 500 list is available here.

Agnieszka Musialska