During the INFO2012 fairs and conference held in Zagreb on 15-17 November 2012 the first presentation of the 4K 3D technology in Croatia was demonstrated. It was prepared by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center in cooperation with the CARNet - Croatian Academic and Research Network.

The importance of the fairs was indicated by the presence of the President of Croatia, Professor Ivo JosipoviŠ, who after the official opening of the conference visited PSNC booth. During the dedicated 3D show, where also attended the CARNet CEO Mr. Zvonimir StaniŠ, two animations promoting Poland and created by Platige Image were shown: "Jan Matejko's Battle of Grunwald in 3D" and "Animated History of Poland".


PSNC in cooperation with CARNet prepared a demonstration presenting advanced streaming technologies required for transmission of ultra high-resolution 3D multimedia streams. The main goal of the demonstration was to present usage of 4K 3D technology in medical applications. The experiment simulated possibility of live streaming of 3D image from the operating rooms between two distant medical centers connected with CARNet broadband network and the GEANT backbone. Part of the materials presented during the demonstrations was recorded by PSNC team during jaw reconstruction operations conducted in the Clinical Hospital of Poznan University of Medical Sciences.


During the three days of the fairs, in addition to demonstrations dedicated for the medical community, there were also many regular demonstrations of 4K 3D materials for people from different other scientific communities and students visiting the fairs. All participants were impressed with presented technology and materials.


Whole 4K 3D equipment required to conduct the demonstration was provided by PSNC in scope of the VISIONAIR project (, whose goal is to provide access to unique visualization facilities offered by the project partners for the European scientific community.

Wojciech Bohdanowicz