Nearly 350 participants, 40 speakers in three parallel sessions, as well as several meetings, trainings and workshops. It’s time to summarize this year's i3'2013 Conference, which took place on 15-19 April in Poznan.

This year, for the first time in history, the i3 Conference was accompanied by numerous events, bringing together not only specialists in the area of information and communication technology dealing with Internet, but also - and perhaps primarily - people engaged in the areas and subjects taken during each session .

The traditional title i3 Conference: "Internet - Infrastructure - Innovations", highlighting the main stream of the conference presentations and discussions was added this year's motto: "Ubiquitous Internet - Ten Years of Polish Optical Internet", highlighting the importance of PIONIER Network in the tenth year of its existence, as a stimulator of innovative solutions for the digital society.

The i3'2013 agenda was organized in three parallel tracks: e-science, e-learning and digital libraries. The culmination and synthesis event of all three sessions was a panel discussion entitled: "Science, Education and Culture - together or separately?". Participants of the panel, led by Ph.D. Maciej Stroi˝ski, were the representatives of Polish government, local governments and scientific institutions. They tried to answer the question of the Polish way to build synergies between research, education and culture.

All i3'2013 sessions were streamed "live" on-line through Scientific PLATON TV. Especially for this occasion the participants were informed about the most important events of the Conference through the conference blog.

As early as now, all the videos will be available as VOD and presentations from each session will be posted on the Conference website: www.



Agnieszka Musialska