In May 2013, during the FIA conference in Dublin, the unusual concert took place. The event was co‑organized, among others, by PSNC within the VISIONAIR project. Musicians in places distributed across the Europe were playing together and the outcome of their efforts could be heard and seen live on the stand in Dublin and in the 4K room in PSNC.

Artists participating in the concert were located in Trento (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Dublin (Ireland) and Kortrijk (Belgium). PSNC provided technical support for the last one location and was also receiving live transmission from the concert in 4K resolution. Due to the long distance and delay in the audio-video transmission, the content was created gradually. In the following locations musicians joined the predecessors and the movie was forwarded in real-time.

The show was preceded by many rehearsals, and the unusual nature of the event required increased efforts, both from artists and technicians. The final result was very satisfying – despite the actual long distance, musicians and the audience had the impression that they were all in a chamber hall.

The experiment was supported by the VISIONAIR project, which offers researchers from Europe possibility to use advanced visualization facilities. In this demonstration at the FIA2013 conference equipment and support was provided by two members of the VISIONAIR consortium: I2CAT from Spain and PSNC.

Szymon Malewski, PSNC


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