During the ICT conference in Vilnius according to VISIONAIR projekt (6-8.11.2013) PSNC with cooperation of I2CAT and INRIA will show a streaming transmission demonstration.

The presentation will show a number of musicians performing in various locations. The audio-visual stream presenting the first team of musicians, recorded in PSNC studio, will be sent to Barcelona, where it will be combined with another group of artists. Subsequently integrated audio and video will be sent to Grenoble, for a virtual stage with dancer render. The virtual character animation will be based on the actual movements of a real dancer being tracked in real time using motion-capture technology. Finally the content will transmitted to Vilnius, where it will be presented at the VISIONAIR project booth.

The experiment will be carried out with the support of VISIONAIR project that offers researchers from Europe the opportunity to take advantage of advanced visualization facilities.




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