During the ICT 2013 conference in Vilnius (6-8.11.2013) PSNC with cooperation of i2CAT and INRIA organized a networked art performance connecting real-time artistic actions in multiple cities around Europe. The Creative Ring demonstration, supported by the VISIONAIR project, presented advanced distributed research and artistic scenario that included musicians in Poznan, Barcelona and Vilnius, dancers and 3D motion-capture system in Grenoble as well as low latency video transmission over the GEANT network.

The event showed the potential of distributed music and dance creation over high broadband networks, combining arts and technology for creating a virtual distributed stage. The performance integrated, through the GEANT and PIONIER networks, four European research centers working on ultra-high definition and virtual reality systems. Barcelona (i2CAT), Poznan (PSNC) and Vilnius (ICT event) hosted four musicians playing simultaneously on each venue. The audio-visual stream from the first team of musicians, hosted in PSNC, was sent to Barcelona, where it was combined with another instrumentalists. Subsequently integrated audio and video signal was transmitted to Grenoble. There the real-time motion capture system tracked movements of real dancer, and finally all combined elements were  streamed over the network and displayed at the ICT stage in Vilnius, where the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the 3D view of the dancer dancing the composition from the four musician teams.


The performance was the result of direct cooperation between the SPECIFI and VISIONAIR projects and it was prepared by i2CAT, PSNC, Grenoble INP and INRIA, with the support of ENoLL and the ICUB.


Maciej Strˇ┐yk, PCSS


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