The XXII edition of BOBCATSSS held in Barcelona on 29-31th January opens the “life” of Conference4me in 2014. The conference is a collaboration between the University of Boras (Sweden) and the University of Barcelona (Spain).

BOBCATSSS is an acronym for universities which in 1993 launched a joint initiative: Budapest, Oslo, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tampere, Stuttgart, Szombathely and Sheffield. In later years, next cities were added to the network: Boras, Riga, Kharkov, Moscow, Tallinn, Torun, Warsaw, Sofia, Ljubljana, Krakow and Ankara.


BOBCATSSS is an international, annual conference on information management, traditionally organized by students from European universities. BOBCATSSS Conference allows an exchange of views concerning the target groups: professionals, students, professors in the field of education and research in library and information science, but also employees of libraries and information services.


This year's theme is "Library (r)evolution: Promoting sustainable information practices" Teams from Boras (Boras University) and Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona) work together in the creation of an international meeting and exchange of experiences in order to allow a debate on sustainable development in the field of librarianship and scientific information.


BOBCATSSS uniqueness is to engage students in planning and organizing the symposium. By organizing the conference, they gain experience in project planning, which can be useful in their further professional life.


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