One of the highlights of the VISIONAIR Open Forum conference (5-6.02.2014) will be the presentation of the CONFetti platform which was created within the EXPERIMEDIA project. The event will include a demonstration of CONFetti's usefulness in the process of preparing choreographies and training of dancers.

During the presentation Anna Beker, a Pozna˝-based choreographer and dancing educator, and the Patos Potatos Dance Company team from her Jazz Dance Studio will present a remote choreography presentation and training session using the multistream HD videoconference provided by the CONFetti system.




The choreographer, who will be present in the conference room, will connect with her students located in one of PSNC's Pozna˝ offices. The high quality AV signal will ensure seamless communication and the stereoscopic picture will make it possible to observe the dancers' motions in the third dimension. After the performance the artists will view its replay with frame-by-frame analysis and listen to the choreographer's remarks concerning the different stages of the routine. The usage of the CONFetti platform in this scenario will demonstrate the advantages of utilising Future Internet's multimedia technologies in the arts and sports domains.




Sergiusz Zieli˝ski


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