During this year's edition of InfoShare 2017, one of the largest technology events in Central and Eastern Europe, Intel has announced the launch and assumptions of its pilot program - Intel Make Tomorrow Poland. Polish partners of the project are: PSNC, Copernicus Science Center, Information Society Development Foundation, Educational Entrepreneurship Foundation and Children's University Foundation.

Experts in Europe are convinced that in 2020 there will be one million people missing in the new technology-related professions. Intel, as one of the global leaders in new technologies, supports the traditional model of education with its programs aimed at developing the skills needed, not only today but also in the near future. At this year's edition of InfoShare 2017, Intel announced the launch and assumptions of the pilot programme - Intel Make Tomorrow Poland.

The first stage of the programme is to create a group of 60 coaches from different backgrounds who will start working with youth during this school year and will continue to work in the future. On May 5 and 6, full-day meetings for the first trainers were held, during which the detailed information and project plans were presented. In addition, they have been trained in educational solutions that include discs, sensors, mockups, and classroom scenarios. All participants received the needed  equipment sets.

The most interesting initiatives within the project will be presented at the national E(x)plory conference in October this year and at the Science Picnic organized by the Copernicus Science Center in May 2018. Intel will provide support to the coaches throughout the duration of the project, such as: webinars, online mentoring, mini-grants and special prizes for students.

PSNC became one of the Polish partners of this project and the PSNC School of the Future Laboratory named EduLab will conduct workshops on the basics of programming and electronics.

Agnieszka Wylega│a