TNC is the biggest and most prestigious European research and education networking conference; its 35th edition was held in Tallinn (Estonia) between 16th and 20th of June 2019 and PSNC’s Immersify ambisonic project was there waiting for all the participants and guests.

Two different Immersify presentations were actually available for those who visited Tallinn’s Creative Hub, better known as Kultuurikatel, which hosted TNC19. Its industrial interior was a stage for both 8K video streaming and an ambisonic audio presentation.

The latter one was a 360° jazz band’s performance recorded in Pozna˝ in February 2019. To experience the ambisonic sound, visitors had to stand in the centre of a sound sphere created by 24 loudspeakers located on the rusty walls and balustrades of the so-called cauldron, which was the central part of the very hub. To combine the audio with video experience, the visitors would wear VR glasses, so the 360° effect was complete – affecting both hearing and sight.

Much to our pleasure the presentations were very popular among participants and guests of TNC19. What is even more important, they were met with a lot of joy and enthusiasm, so we are already looking forward to the next occasion when we can share them with wider audience.


Agnieszka Wylega│a