PSNC leads an active research cooperation within the European projects. Up to now we have taken part in almost 50 projects co-financed by European Commission within the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Framework Programme. Moreover, 5 of them were coordinated here in Poznañ (GridLab, RINGrid, Phosphorus, Porta Optica and DORII). PSNC also takes part in numerous common European initiatives, such as eContentplus (EuropeanaLocal and ENRICH project) or Eureka (HDViper project).

Within the local initiatives, like cooperation with companies while working on common ventures, PSNC takes part in the following projects:

PSNC acts also as a support centre for companies, leading the following initiatives:

PSNC has adopted an open policy by supporting the development of local optical fibers’ infrastructure. Either POZMAN or PIONIER networks are both open for cooperation within either scientific or business initiatives. Moreover, PSNC also guarantees the possibility of servers’ collocation and service hosting. Within the Cross-Border-Dark-Fibre and Porta-Optica-Study projects there is also an activity for stimulating cross-border initiatives of broadband networks’ development and services based on these networks.

PSNC is a specialized research and development centre, reputable and well-known in Europe and the entire world. It is a member of international societies Ripe and TERENA, it is a grids’ research initiator, a member of European Grid Forum and Open Grid Forum and a partner of GÉANT and Internet2 projects.