GeeCON 2010 in Poznan
The second edition of the International Conference GeeCON associated with the language JAVA, which took place last week in Poznan, ended in organizational success as well as for the Poznan Supercomputing Network Center.
GeeCON 2010 is the second edition of the conference, whose theme centers around the Java language and technologies based on Java Virtual Machine. Last year, during the premiere reads in Krakow, the meeting attracted about 350 fans JAVA. In the capital of Wielkopolska GeeCON enjoyed even greater popularity.

Poznan conference was organized by the Polish Java User Group, a Pozna˝ Java User Group and the association of information and the Cultural Group with the support of PSNC, city of Poznan and the Adam Mickiewicz University. Meetings and lectures were held in Multikino 51 on the Krˇlowiej Jadwigi Street. During three days of the conference, about 450 participants took part in 40 different types of lectures, prepared by known not only in Europe but also in over the world, practitioners of the Java language and related technologies. Among them was Andy Bosch - author of the first in Germany to develop on the Java Server, and Craig L. Russell - one of the most experienced members of the Apache Software Foundation.

Participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences on modern methods of software development and architecture of distributed information systems and methodologies for managing programming teams.

According to the opinion of most participants in this year's conference also enjoyed a lot of success the organization. Over 90% of people polled in a survey about the way of its preparation, have expressed about it positively. About how efficiently it was carried out, evidenced by the fact that many of the participants compared the Poznan conference compared to DEVOXX - the largest such event in Europe, collecting more than 3,000 participants from around the world.

Java does not live alone, however, the participants of this year's meeting. In the evening, waiting for their various activities such as billiard games. Beer, bats and balls, however, failed to overshadow the love of Java ...

A huge contribution to the final success of organized conference in the capital of Wielkopolska had also PSNC. Poznan Sperkomputing and Networking Center was involved in technical support for the event, including registration of its progress and provide Wi-Fi network. As a comment to all professionals working with the PSCC can serve the words of one of the foreign guests: "I am surprised that the network actually works. DEVOXX should learn from GeeCON."
Agnieszka Musialska