Polish Grid - Certification Authority

The Polish Grid Certification Authority provides x509 certificates to be used in the context of the Polish Grid testbed activities. The certification authority issues certificates for individuals and machines. The ownership of a certificate does not imply automatic access to any computing resources. Access rights to individual machines must be granted by the corresponding system administrator before access is allowed.

Certification policy and practice

The Polish Grid CA certification policy is available here.

RA list

Current list of RA's for Polish Grid CA can be found here

How to obtain a certificate

To obtain a certificate the requester must be a invlolved in Polish Grid activities. Requesting a personnel certificate under Globus can be done by portal https://plgrid-ca.pl/

Validity and liability

Certificates issue by the Polish Grid CA are valid only in the context of the Polish Grid activities, any other use including financial transactions is strictly forbidden.
The Polish Grid CA will not be held liable for any problems arising from its operation or use made of the certificates it issues. The Polish Grid CA is run in a best effort basis and does not give any guarantees about the service security.
The CA operation is however performed with a reasonable level of security and the identity of the subjects requesting certificates will be verified accordingly with the CA policy.

Obtaining the CA certificate

The Polish Grid CA certificate is required to verify the authenticity of issued certificates. The Polish Grid CA certificate can be downloaded in PEM format here 8a661490.0 or in DER format for web browsers here.

Polish Grid CA Essential Data
Distinguished Name (RFC2253) CN=Polish Grid CA, O=GRID, C=PL
Hash 8a661490
SHA1 Finger Print 4F:FF:BE:0C:24:3F:99:59:A5:73:21:3C:23:13:2E:A3:C9:EE:06:11
MD5 Finger Print 74:AA:7A:A1:D8:48:14:A1:EB:73:82:C5:54:8B:38:F3
Subject Namespaces (RFC2253) CN=.*, O=.*, O=GRID, C=PL

The Polish Grid CA is an EUGridPMA Accredited Classic Authority. Root anchors registered with the TERENA Academic CA Repository.

Installing the CA certificate in systems running Globus

The following procedure must be followed to install the Polish Grid CA certificate. The certificate must be installed in each system running Globus in order to recognize Polish Grid CA issued certificates. You can download RPM with Polish Grid CA from EUGridPMA repository

Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)

Sometimes issued certificates must be canceled, in this case a CRL will be made available through this web page. For a CRL to be effective it must be downloaded and installed in each system accepting Polish Grid CA certificates.

The most recent CRL for the Polish Grid CA can be downloaded here crl.pem.

The CRL can be downloaded in your browser here here


The Polish Grid CA is managed by Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center in Poznan. The contact person for this document and Polish Grid CA in general is:

Pawel Wolniewicz
Polish Grid CA
Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
ul. Noskowskiego 10
61-704 Poznan Poland

phone: +48 61 8582052
fax: +48 61 8525954
e-mail: plgrid-ca@man.poznan.pl